Facial Rejuvenation

Advanced Training Center Clinica Dr. Campos in Marbella, in collaboration with the prestigious medical laboratory Sinclair Pharma, begins the process of selecting 3 patients to perform facial rejuvenation treatments with NO COST.

Do you think you could be a suitable candidate for one of the free treatments? Great. We await you in our Marbella Clinic to make a complete assessment and diagnosis. You just have to call us at 952 821 811 to request your free, no obligation appointment! Ask for the terms and conditions of the campaign and we will happily inform you.

In the case that you are not selected as one of the patients for the free treatment, we will offer you the best conditions for the therapies that most interest you and we will include you in the following campaigns.

For more than two years, Clinica Dr. Campos in Marbella has been actively involved in the teaching of medical and auxiliary personnel, in collaboration with multiple medical and dental laboratories. In previous campaigns, hundreds of our patients have benefited from great discounts on their facial rejuvenation treatments and several of them got their treatment completely free.

You can see the summaries of some of the most outstanding events of our Advanced Clinical Training Center Clinica Dr. Campos of Marbella in the following links.

Learn about the most requested treatments of our patients:


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If you would like more information about these treatments, call us on 952 821 811 or write to us via WhatsApp on 670 032 191

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