Silhouette Soft threads plus Hyaluronic Acid for only 495€

The most requested non-surgical rejuvenation treatment – Silhouette Soft threads plus hyaluronic for only 495€ (a saving of 300€)

As time passes our face changes and we begin to notice that our skin is less elastic in certain areas. Many times we resort to the more popular treatments such as hyaluronic acid to replace lost volumes and look younger and fresher.

Thanks to technological advances, nowadays we can go a step further with treatments and improve our appearance significantly without resorting to surgery.
With Silhouette soft threads we can achieve the much desired LIFT effect in just 30 minutes and without complicated aftercare.

¿Which areas can we treat with Silhoutte Soft?

  • Facial contour
  • Jaw line
  • Cheekbones & Lower third
  • Eyebrows
  • Neck

The technique used to insert Silhouette Soft threads leaves no scars and can be used successfully in all the areas mentioned above, resulting in a younger and fresher look.

This treatment allows for a facial rejuvenation in just a few days, repositioning volumes and redefining the face and neck. It consist in a procedure tailor made to the patient, therefore is adapted to the preferences and need of each individual and can be used with other aesthetic medicine techniques.

At Clinica Dr. Campos we carry out a wide range of aesthetic medicine treatments and our experience shows a high level of satisfaction with Silhouette soft threads combined with hyaluronic acid treatments. Our medical team is expert in these techniques and carries out a complete diagnosis for each individual to select the best treatment combination.

Dont miss out on the opportunity to carry out the most complete LIFT treatment on the market and save more than 300€. Only until the end of the month (31/08/2018), a pair of Silhouette Soft threads + syringe of Hyaluronic acid for onle 495€. Call our Marbella clinic and book an appointment.

Telephone 952 821 811 or WhatsApp 670 032 191.

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