Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Scarlet Johansson, Liv Tyler, Monica Bellucci- all these women have something in common, something that all women desire- perfect lips. Certain medical aesthetic treatments that are non invasive and do not require post surgery care, make the desire to obtain better looking lips a reality: offering a simple outlining, hydration or increase in volume

CXDY6F Cropped closeup of a woman wearing red lipstick and biting her lip

Lip enhancement

It is a procedure that has become popular and in fashion these last few years by models and known actresses. An enhanced, plumped lip symbolizes youth, beauty, and above all sensuality.


Consists of injecting Hyaloronic Acid (biocompatible and reabsorbable material) in the zones that is desired to be remolded
We can:
• Redefine Cupids Arch
• Treat the vermillion border to improve the profile of lips
• Improve the labial volumen and create a symetric and balanced aspect
• Reduce the fine lines that appear in the corners of the lips

Duration of Treatment

From fifteen to thirty minutes. The procedure is practically pain free.


The effects of the fillers with hyaluronic acid can be seen instantly. A small edema may appear but will disappear progressively and quickly

After the treatment

During the first twenty four hours it is recommended that you stop smoking, have hot meals, gesticulate excessively with your lips, prolonged exposure to the sun or heating sources


This treatment is contraindicated for pregnant or lactating women, and in persons having active cutaneous infections.


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