If you have ever had a problem with weight, localized fat, cellulite or sagging, you know that fighting it is not an easy task. The strict diets and hard routines in the gym are effective, but not everyone can follow them and, sometimes, they do not completely solve the problem, such as cellulite.

And that is when we need one more allythe most advanced medical-aesthetic equipment, technology that with total security and precision allows us to correct those flaws that we cannot eliminate in any other way. At Clinic Dr. Campos of Marbella we offer you a wide range of medical-aesthetic treatments of different levels so that you can show off the body you have always dreamed of, including nutritional and sports advice. Today we present you one of the TOP 10 treatment novelties – VENUS LEGACY.


How does VENUS LEGACY work?

Venus Legacy is a multipolar radiofrequency technology (uses heat), combined with electromagnetic fields and a unique pulsed suction system that allows the temperature in the deepest layers of the skin to be raised and not only that, to reduce the volume of fat cells. Precisely this suction system allows waves and heat to penetrate to the maximum depth and guarantees a more comfortable and safe treatment.

Venus Légacy offers safe and effective treatments for body reshaping, cellulite removal, sagging skin treatment and wrinkle treatment for both face and body.

What are the advantages of the VENUS LEGACY treatment?

It is a non-invasive treatment, easy to combine with your daily routine, which does not affect your normal life:

  • – NO RECOVERY TIME – you can return to the daily routine immediately after the treatment session;
  • – EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE – you will enjoy a relaxing experience that will offer you visible results from the first sessions;
  • – SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TONES – VENUS LEGACY radio frequency technology has proven to be safe and effective for all skin tones, even the darkest. It offers a great advantage considering the climate of Marbella.



What can I treat with VENUS LEGACY?

It is a very versatile medical-aesthetic equipment that offers effective solutions to aesthetic problems, both facial and body:

  • – AFFIRMS AND MOLDS flabby skin around the arm;
  • – SMOOTHES deep wrinkles and diminishes fine lines around the mouth;
  • – REDUCE bra straps for a more defined contour silhouette;
  • – TUNE THE CONTOUR AND TIGHTEN the abdomen to achieve a flatter and more defined waist;
  • – REDEFINE the glutes and thighs for a sculptural silhouette that defies gravity;
  • – REDUCE VOLUME AND FLACCIDITY for a more defined jaw line.

And if you want to know how exactly the treatment with VENUS LEGACY can help you in your personal care goal, request your appointment with our professionals and they will advise you without obligation.

You can contact us by calling the Clinic Dr. Campos located in Marbella, telephone 952821811 or by WhatsApp 670032191.

COVID-19 information:

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Good health is everyone’s responsibility.