Finally, the long-awaited moment arrives and we reopen our Clinic Dr. Campos in Marbella and La Linea de la Concepción. We return with great enthusiasm, desire to work and hope. At the same time with some fear and uncertainty.

For weeks we have started working on preparing our consultation to be a COVID FREE place, applying the strictest sanitary security protocols. And in this article we present you all the details of the security procedures so that you can rest easy on your visit to our facilities.

But before proceeding to this description, we want to express our condolences and condolences for all those who have suffered a loss due to the coronavirus.

We hope that those who have passed COVID-19 are fully recovered and immunized. And we also want to give our full support to workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs who have suffered closings of their businesses and significant economic losses, and we trust that together and with a lot of effort we can get ahead and relive a new reality.

At the Clinic Dr. Campos of Marbella and La Línea de la Concepción we have always attached great importance to the safety of sanitary procedures. Now, above all, we must provide our service with all the security for the health of all: of our patients, employees, collaborators and suppliers. Therefore, we have implemented a series of measures, part of which we detail below.

COVID-19 protection protocol.

RULES for the employees of Clinic Dr. Campos:

  • – come separately.
  • – temperature taking and prior diagnosis of not infected (daily at the start of the work shift);
  • – Change of clothes in wardrobe for attire exclusively for use in the Clinic, which will be washed and dried daily according to security protocol.
  • – Mandatory use of protective material against COVID-19: FP2 mask / face shield / gloves / shoes for clinical use only / use of surgical cap. This material will be expanded according to treatment and needs.
  • – compulsory and continuous use of antiseptic elements: hydroalcoholic gel for hands / disinfectant spray for work surfaces / hand washing according to protocol / change of gloves for each patient

RULES and PROTECTIVE MEASURES for Patients who come Clinic Dr. Campos:

  • – They will receive a WhatsApp with the protection measures and appointment confirmation to be able to present it to the authorities if they require it
  • – All patient appointments will be distanced long enough to avoid patient accumulation in common areas and to ensure that there is only one patient for each clinic employee.
  • – TRIAGE: in the phone call before the appointment they must answer a series of questions to rule out suspicion of being infected by COVID-19
  • – At the reception in the clinic, each patient’s temperature will be taken, the soles of the shoes will be disinfected through the use of antiseptic mats / they will ensure that they have the means of protection such as masks and gloves / if they bring warm clothing and others belongings like bag, etc … will be put in a plastic bag with your name on it.
  • – The use of antiseptic gels is mandatory during the entire stay at Clinic Dr. Campos of Mabrella and La Línea de la Concepción, for which all facilities are provided with the dispensers of hydroalcoholic gels;
  • – Each patient will have to sign a specific informed consent, accepting COVID-19 conditions
  • – the patient will be escorted to the Treatment room – one patient by an employee.
  • – payment of services and coordination of new appointments will be made at the reception desk of the clinic.

RULES for hygiene in treatment rooms:

  • – Treatment rooms and offices will be kept clean and sanitized with antiseptic products for each patient.
  • – Disposable material or, if necessary, sterilized according to protocol, will be used.

Reception and other clinic facilities:

  • – All clinic facilities will be cleaned and sanitized more frequently on a daily basis. Commonly used items, such as door knobs, switches, etc. they will be sanitized every hour according to sanitary protocols anti COVID-19
  • – the reception is equipped with patient / employee separation elements, so you can both feel safe.
  • – The reception area is equipped with the antiseptic gels dispensed for use by patients and employees. 


At Clinic Dr. Campos of Marbella and La Linea de la Concepcion we will continue working to provide our best and safest services to care for our patients. After so many days of confinement, hard emotional moments, stress, and imbalances in the routine, it is now very important to recover again. Now is the time for us to take care of you.

Remember that in our clinics we have a very wide range of facial and body treatments, which allows us to provide highly personalized care according to the needs of each one. Our price range is very affordable and, if you wish, you can finance all our treatments for up to 60 months.

We recall that because of COVID-19, we only attend patients by appointment

For more information and to request your appointment , call 952821811 or send us a message on WhatsApp 670032191.