Dietary Treatments

Starting a nutritional control system allows us to correct frequent alimentary errors which cause moderate weight gain. Choose mesotherapy cellulite treatment and avoid invasive surgery risks and costs, also helps lose weight.

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Personalize dietary treatment with the following steps:

1.DIETA PERSONALIZADABy an analysis of body fat we measure the fat mass, the muscular mass and the liquid content of the body by segments ( arms, legs and torso). Also we measure the metabolic rate, the body mass index and the advisable levels.

2. According to the results the doctor designs a personal diet with daily intake and a prediction of weight loss. The importance of a personalized diet lies in the existence in each person of a individualized weight loss mechanism. Controlling factors are age, metabolism, height, life-style and hormonal changes (especially in women).

3. The diet is designed for a certain period of time, at the end of which the patient returns to evaluate the weight-loss in each body segment and to revise if necessary the diet plan. A change in eating habits is required and possibly pharmacological assistance.