Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon procedure works by restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold by inserting a gastric balloon in the stomach.

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BALON INTRAGASTRICOThe intragastric balloon is a treatment for obesity without surgery. Only 20 minutes needed to put it. The process consists of introducing a silicone balloon in the stomach by endoscopic surgery, then the balloon is filled with saline to reach sufficient volume to produce a permanent state of satiety.

The intragastric balloon remains lodged in the stomach for six months in which the patient performs a completely normal life. The difference is that when you sit down to eat, they will feel little appetite and food intake will be satisfied. Herein lies the success of the intragastric balloon as being satiated reduces food intake and, by reducing what you eat, you lose the kilos that remain and hinder the patient’s health.

The patient is at all times has medical and technical support that will encourage and support, monitor their diet so that your diet is rich and without gaps. In those six months, teaches the patient to eat healthy habits. The major effort of the medical team Dermoestética Corporation is directed toward the patient’s nutritional education to get it to change their nutritional habits, improving their health and quality of life.