As many of you already know, at Clinic Dr. Campos we have a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment for non-invasive body and facial treatments, which allow our patients to achieve magnificent results without the need to go through surgery.

Today we want to tell you what you can achieve with these equipments, how many sessions are necessary and what results we can expect from each treatment.


At this time we are receiving many questions about the different equipments used for body treatments. Below we answer the most frequent:

  • CORPORAL RADIOFREQUENCY. It is one of the most pioneering technologies in the aesthetic medicine and beauty sector. There are many types of radiofrequency ( monopolar , bipolar, endodiathermy , etc.). The main indication of radio frequency therapy is the treatment of skin flaccidity. Now, depending on the type of equipment and the configurations, nowadays we can also treat in a very effective way the cellulite and the localized fat, especially in combination with other therapies. The areas that can be treated: arms, abdomen, legs, inner thigh, buttocks, neckline. The number of sessions will depend on the degree of improvement we want to achieve. On average, a minimum of 6 sessions is recommended, two sessions per week.

  •  ENDERMOLOGIE LPG. The name speaks for itself. One of the most demanded therapies, with high level of effectiveness, demonstrated for decades at international level. It is a vacuum therapy , with patented technology, which achieves visible results from the third session. Treatment of cellulite, localized fat, reduction of body volume, skin firming, well-being, light legs, etc. With Endermologie LPG we can treat the whole body or certain areas. It is recommended to perform a sequence of 10 sessions with the possibility of doing up to 3 weekly sessions. This therapy can be combined with other techniques. You can find more information in the video.



  •  SHOCK WAVES. Although this technology has been used in medicine for many years, its popular use in the aesthetic medicine and beauty sector is relatively recent. However, the results obtained from the first session and the high level of patient satisfaction, have strengthened shock waves as one of the main therapies for the treatment of cellulite and localized fat. In Clinic Dr. Campos we count with a team from the renowned Thermosalud laboratory , one of the few with the FDA certificate, which shows not only the safety of the treatments, but also the results of the therapy. This treatment is done in a localized way, by 10x10cm sections, customizing the power and the number of impulses. It is recommended to combine with other therapies such as pressotherapy , LPG or endodiathermy . It is recommended to perform a minimum of 6 sessions with a frequency of 2 weekly sessions. You can try more than one area in the same session.


  •  PRESSOTHERAPY. It improves the circulatory system, eliminates toxins and other metabolic substances, improves connective tissue – thereby improving the appearance and texture of the skin, helps reduce body volume, promotes the elimination of cellulite. It is recommended as a lymphatic drainage therapy in addition to other treatments or as a treatment on its own. Pressotherapy can be applied to all types of patients, including pregnant women (use of a specific program). The number of recommended sessions: 10 sessions. You can perform up to 3 sessions per week.


  •  BODY HIFU. A new technology that has positioned itself as one of the most efficient for skin tightening and non-surgical treatment of flaccidity. It consists of the vanguard technology of  High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound that allows to achieve maximum depth and maximum efficiency without superficial thermal damage. UltraLift HIFU , is able to generate immediate contraction, neocolagenesis and elastogenesis medium level while allowing to affect at all levels: epidermis, deep dermis and SMAS ( Superficial Muscle Aponeurotic System ) with total security. The maximum depth that we achieve with HIFU favors tissue maintenance over time without loss of elasticity and firmness. The main difference of this technology with the aforementioned Radiofrequency is the depth of the treatment (4.5mm versus the 3mm maximum we can achieve with RF) and the temperature (by not generating heat on the surface, the temperature of 65 is guaranteed). -70ºC in the treated area, compared to 45-50ºC of the RF). It is a treatment located in areas such as arms, décolletage, internal thigh, buttocks … In the case of body treatments the number of sessions will vary from the degree of flaccidity that you want to correct. It is recommended to do the sessions spaced every 2 months.


Apart from these therapies, at Clinic Dr. Campos we also have equipment for thermolipolysis , LED light therapy, GoldPen for the treatment of marks and scars, a wide range of cosmetic treatments, massages and body peeling.

Without forgetting that in the case of body treatments it is always recommended to follow a series of dietary guidelines. Depending on each case and the previous diagnosis, it may be necessary to accompany the treatments with a specific nutritional program. Beyourbest is an exclusive program of nutrition and guidance, completely personalized, that allows to achieve impressive results of body remodeling in a short period of time. Our patients define Beyourbest as a non-surgical liposuction and show a high level of satisfaction not only with immediate results, but also in the long term.

If you are interested in any of these therapies or want to receive personalized advice and assessment, you just have to request your free consultation without obligation by calling 952 821 811 or by WhatsApp 670 032 191

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