About us

Our doctors

The medical staff of Clinic Dr. Campos is at your total disposition to resolve any type of doubt or consult that may arise. We rely on a professional team that will surpass your expectations.

We dispose of personnel with the ability to communicate fluently in the following languages: Spanish, English, French, Russian.

Our medical and administrative staff is available not only for local patients but also for those patients that come from abroad. From Marbella we can direct and inform patients of all necessary details while visiting Costa del Sol.

The Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Clinic of Dr. Campos, with more than 30 years of experience in Marbella, disposes of international standing surgeons that provide all types of aesthetic surgical interventions using the most innovative techniques. Our qualified nursing staff will help in obtaining a rapid and comfortable recuperation post surgery.

Our Dental Unit consists of great specialists in General Odontology, Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry. At Clinic Dr. Campos in Marbella we attend to dental emergencies and provide all types of dental treatments.

Our Beauty and Aesthetic Unit is the noninvasive department that consists of qualified professionals in skin care, massages, cosmetology and treatments with the most innovative equipment.

Medical equipment

Dr. José Vicente Campos

Graduate in medicine and surgery

Dr. Felipe S. Sanchez

Plastic Surgeon

Dr Joaquín Aparicio

Cosmetic surgeon

Dr José María Vargas

Aesthetic doctor

Dra Sagrario García Saavedra

Aesthetic doctor

Dr Sergio Schejtman

Aesthetic doctor

Dr. Juan Ignacio Bolivar


Dr. Nacho Martín Osorio

Specialist in oral surgery and implant prosthesis

Dra. Gisela Quirch

Specialist in Orthodontics and Dentalofacial Orthopedics

Dra Karel Bolivar

General Dentist and Specialist in Dental Aesthetics

specialists and auxiliary equipment

Christine Zellen

Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

Mili Rocha

Clinical Coordinator

Mari Luz Ochando

Clinical Assistant

Esperanza Bernasar

Clinical Assistant

Patricia Chico

Dental assistant

Loli Ramírez

Advanced aesthetic technician

Latifa Touati

Advanced aesthetic technician

Eliam Serrano

Advanced aesthetic technician

administrative team

Eloisa Rubiño

Head of Administrative Department

Alexandra Debrosse

Reception Department Manager

Natalia Stanovykhina

Marketing Manager

Concerning our medical professionals

I. The constituents of our group must have the conscience that at all moments they must make decisions with relations to the following components: scientific and ethical, basic elements of information as human beings.

II. Members of our Health team must limit its functions and incumbencies to their respective titles or enabling certificates. The attention of our patients must be certified by a planning based on scientific principles.

III. Our Medical staff may not delegate to non qualified personnel, functions or attributions, privative of their profession or activity.

IV. Our staff of medical professionals must maintain updated in the scientific advances and technology in Medical Aesthetic Surgery

V. Medication, being part of our consultation, members of our medical staff must defend the liberties of prescriptions, being a medical act; assume the ethical and legal responsibility of the results of such activity.

VI. Members of our medical staff must respect the right of the patient as to their dignity, offering the best attention for their well being, psychophysical as well as sociocultural.

VII. Our Medical staff has the obligation of offering the major quantity of information required by the patients in regards to their diagnosis, prognosis, therapies, preventive care (primary or secondary); and offering the patients “Informed Consents” that must be signed by patient or legal representative, when the our staff deems necessary.

VIII. Professional Confidentiality is an ethical obligation that our medical staff is obligated to comply, for the public´s interest, the security of the patients, the honor of the families, the professional respectability and the dignity of Medicine.

Clinica Dr. Campos has a unique approach to patient care, from the moment you schedule your procedure you are cared for personally by one of our English patient co-ordinators who are selected for their professionalism and caring approach. We offer you the confidence of being cared for in one of Europe’s most advanced private hospitals by our highly experienced team of surgeons and nursing staff.