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Peelings are facial rejuvenation treatments that allow the elimination of small wrinkles, skin blemishes, improves texture and much more.

It is also useful in the case of active acne or folliculitis. Peelings work by making the most superficial layers of the skin disappear, obtaining a finer complexion without blemishes.
With this desquamation -more or less deep- the appearance of the skin is improved, producing a whitening effect and closing the pores.

Depending on the product used and the acid concentration, we can classify them into:

  • SUPERFICIAL: They affect the epidermis and papillary dermis. It works up to a depth of 0.06mm. It is indicated for the correction of fine wrinkles and superficial hyperpigmentation.
  • EASY PEEL: It is a new peeling concept that takes advantage of the synergy between the exfoliating solution and the post-peel therapeutic cream. When performing a peeling there is a process of skin aggression, in short an inflammatory process with the consequent formation of free radicals.
  • MEDIUM-DEEP PEELING: Affects the upper recicular dermis. Penetrates to a depth of 0.45mm. The medium deep peel is indicated for the correction of actinic keratosis, dyschromia and medium wrinkles. It is repeated every several months to promote collagen remodeling.
  • DEEP PEELING: They affect the deep recticular dermis. Penetrates to a depth of 0.6mm.
  • EXODERM: It consists of a technique that does not require anesthesia, sedation is used. Its procedure is fast and safe, it is performed in a single session on an outpatient basis. It causes the complete disappearance of wrinkles, keratosis scars, skin spots, etc. Its treatment consists of the application of a solution on the entire face in a homogeneous way and the complete elimination of the superficial epidermal layer is obtained and the stimulation of the dermal layer to contract and thicken, achieving a true facelift that elevates the subcutaneous structures of the face. .
  • PHENOL: The fame of phenol peels is due to the fact that they offer the most exuberant results, both in retraction of the skin and in reorganization of collagen fibers, there being no agent that is capable of surpassing it in the treatment of wrinkles and skin aging.
  • OBAGI PEELING: This method is simple and very safe. It is indicated to correct wrinkles, acne, scars, age spots, sun-damaged skin, precancerous lesions, open pores and uneven pigmentation, providing an improvement in quality, texture and color in the treated areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Phenol has the function of breaking down keratin by breaking the epidermal bridges known as desmosomes and by causing cellular and extracellular proteins to precipitate. The treatment reaches the sixth layer of the recticular dermis, the ideal goal for deep peels. This layer releases water, salts and proteins to neutralize the process and, as it approaches the dermis, the phenol stimulates the collagen fibers, providing greater elasticity and helping to renew the new skin that is about to emerge.
It is recommended to previously prepare the skin, applying reninoic acid cream. This produces a keratolytic effect that provides smooth and even skin. The application is made by areas (forehead, cheekbones, chin…). To observe the reaction of the skin and ensure successive penetration, it is advisable to allow 5 minutes to elapse before applying the treatment to a new area. A catalyst gel is applied and finally a thin transparent silicone mask, which hardens and plasticizes, providing a sterile environment without exudations. This mask is worn for 7 days, returning to the consultation after 48 hours to verify that the process is carried out correctly.
After phenol peeling, the patient must remain hospitalized for 2 to 5 days. Your doctor will prescribe analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. If you have proceeded with an occlusive cure, the dressing will surely be changed 24 and 48 hours after treatment. The formation of scabs is common, which will form a dark appearance of the skin. The face will be extremely swollen and unable to open the eyes in the first 24 hours. All this evolution is normal and temporary. Your doctor will advise you on the regimen to follow.
The results of phenol peeling are long-lasting, although they are not immune to the natural aging process and the damaging effects of sun exposure.
After the phenol peel you can return to normal in 12 days, although your skin will still be pink. Your face will gradually turn from red to pink. During this period it is important to apply sun protection creams.
If sedation is necessary to carry out deep peels, it must therefore be carried out in a hospital setting.
Yes, previously you will have to apply a program of creams daily, both in the morning and at night, for four weeks prior to the peeling.

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