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How much does one vial of hyaluronic acid cover?

How much does one vial of hyaluronic acid cover?

At the facial diagnosis stage, patients often ask many questions, and one of the most common ones is whether one vial of hyaluronic acid is too much or too little filler. Today, we want to provide you with information and examples to better understand how these well-known fillers work.

At Clínica Dr. Campos, we perform many treatments with different types of fillers (hyaluronic acid, skin boosters, collagen inductors). All our treatments are subject to a comprehensive medical diagnosis, in which the professional assesses each patient’s needs and recommends the type and amount of filler. Both aspects raise questions.

Today, we will talk about the quantities.

The first step is to understand how much 1 ml of a product is (which is usually the content of 1 vial of hyaluronic acid)


Knowing visually what volume is. And to understand it, let’s give you an example

Fancy a ketchup sachet to accompany your fries? Is one enough? When we go to a restaurant and they give us one of these sachets, many people usually ask for more, as one sachet is not usually enough for the usual snack. And do you know how many ml of product are in this sachet? 9 or 10 ml, depending on the brand.

If we compare it with a vial of hyaluronic acid (which usually contains 1 ml), we’re talking about a ketchup sachet being like 9 or 10 vials of filler, for example. Yes, 9 or 10 syringes of product. What do you think of this comparison?


Now that we can imagine the actual volume of 1 vial of hyaluronic acid (1ml), we can start answering the questions of whether it is a lot or a little


Of course, the answer will depend on each case and each patient. It’s important to understand that aesthetic medicine is designed for small touches, very subtle treatments that enhance each person’s beauty. Hence, the quantities in the vials are small. But there are cases when a patient may need 2, 3, or even more vials of hyaluronic acid or another filler.

Let’s explain with examples:

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Lip remodeling is the most demanded treatment in fillers. It is very common to hear patients’ comments: ‘One syringe? But I want very little; I don’t want to have those big lips that you see around.’ It is true that the most common amount for lip filler is usually 1 ml, one syringe of hyaluronic acid. Depending on the technique used in the treatment, different effects can be achieved – more volume, correcting the shape, profiling, more juiciness, etc.

However, if a patient has very thin lips, the type that practically becomes invisible when smiling, and wants to achieve a much larger volume, probably one syringe will not be enough. Or, on the contrary, if you only want a small correction or a slight change in shape, it is possible that less than one syringe will achieve the desired effect.



This treatment, like the correction of SMILE LINES, is the one that may require the most filler. It all depends on how pronounced the wrinkle is or what effect you want to achieve in the cheek area. First of all, we have to highlight that in this area, we can use different types of fillers and collagen inducers. The quantity can also vary depending on the type of product.

We are talking, for example, about hyaluronic acid. It is common for patients seeking this type of treatment for this area to come to the clinic when the signs of aging are already quite visible. In this case, 2 vials of hyaluronic acid are often recommended to distribute between each side of the face. However, a larger quantity may be necessary for patients over 50 or with a specific genetic predisposition.

It is also important to know that very satisfactory effects can be achieved by combining different techniques and treatments to improve nasolabial wrinkles or for cheek augmentation, for example, with thread lifting.



The treatment for the elimination of dark circles with hyaluronic acid is becoming increasingly popular. It’s important to note that for this treatment, it’s necessary to use a specific product for this area with certain characteristics that ensure maximum safety and a natural result.

As always, the quantity will depend on each diagnosis, but usually, this correction doesn’t require much volume. Generally, one vial of hyaluronic acid distributed on both sides tends to provide a satisfactory result.



Barcode, that’s how the small and fine wrinkles above the upper lip are known. Very characteristic, especially after a certain age. They become more noticeable, especially when we make the kissing gesture. For this treatment, hyaluronic acid is usually used, generally of lower density since these are fine wrinkles.

The required quantity is not excessive in most cases. Typically, around one vial of hyaluronic acid filler is used for the entire area, but for a specific small wrinkle, a smaller amount can be discussed.

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You would be surprised to see the results that one vial of filler (not necessarily hyaluronic acid) can achieve for a person who is not happy with the shape of their nose or chin. It is a very rewarding treatment, and the best part is, it doesn’t require surgery or complex post-treatment care.

At Clínica Dr. Campos, we have computer software that allows us to create a preview of the patient’s new look before the treatment, helping us understand their expectations and demonstrate the actual possibilities of the intervention. And the best part is that the change is immediately visible.

In terms of quantities, in most cases, we can talk about one vial of product for a nose reshaping (bioplasty of the nose). In the case of a chin, more than one vial may be necessary if the initial features are not very prominent.

There are other treatments that we can perform with facial fillers:


  • Facial oval remodeling, or now known as facial slimming;
  • wrinkle filling in the forehead area;
  • filling in the periorbital lines;
  • filling in the wrinkles at the corners of the lips, also known as marionette lines.


In all the mentioned cases, the most important thing is to request a detailed diagnosis, convey to the doctor all doubts and concerns, and discuss the results that a patient desires and what can actually be achieved with certain techniques. More product is not always synonymous with a better treatment, just as in other cases, lack of product can result in a very poor and unsatisfactory outcome for the patient.

To receive personalized advice for your case and learn about the full range of fillers and other treatments we have available at the clinic, all you have to do is request your appointment with us.

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